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Our process typically consists of four stages:

1. Community Engagement: Activating the community around ecologically driven spaces in key step for familiarizing people with the processes that come with these ecospaces, whether they are gardens, edible landscapes, food forests, or ecological habitats. Roots Down Consulting can give you strategic ideas for effective community activation and host events and workshops to pique your community’s interest in your ecospace based on the individual needs of your community.

2. Design and Development: Working closely with your community, our designers ensure that the project is truly what is needed for your ecospace. Our designers keep the whole picture in mind to bring true continuity to your project, work together with you, and solve any potential problems before the installation happens. Roots Down Consulting can host events with the designers and your community members to get insight on the community’s ideas and needs for a more holistic design process.

3. Install and Implementation: We will lead the installation of your ecospace, following the final design and lending support where needed. Our team can engage your community and any other partners to put your plan into action. Roots Down Consulting can create an integrated installation schedule to organize times for community volunteers to participate in the process and host workshops to teach your community members how the installation processes work.

4. Development of Maintenance Programing: Your ecospace will come to life over time and we can help in this phase of growth. We will be there to ensure that your systems remain fruitful and productive for the life of your ecospace. Roots Down Consulting will provide a yearly maintenance package to help your ecospace thrive and develop an integrated training program for community liaisons to maintain an active presence in your landscape.