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We offer consultation services to help develop ecologically sound and community-based ecospaces. Our ecospaces include community gardens, edible landscapes, food forests, or ecological habitats.

We help our clients see their projects through to ensure that each space comes to life after installation and thrives during its long-term growth. Using our programing and community activation plans can help your spaces be utilized to their fullest potential while keeping your vision strong through the life of your project.

Roots Down Consulting partners with industry leaders in our field to give you a streamlined approach to a collaborative process. You can have one point of contact at Roots Down Consulting to streamline the 4 stages of community engagement, design, installation, and maintenance to lessen the back and forth for your day to day operations. We can organize the talent/vendors needed to make your project shine and be unique to your community!

As the owner and director of Roots Down Consulting, Jamie Rosenthal has over a decade of experience in farming, agriculture, ecology, and programing. He has a passion for building community and bringing people together around nature and gardening. His dream is to make every green space more useful and ecologically sound.

How We Help Your Project Thrive: After the design and installation of garden spaces, the space is often underutilized, mismanaged, or neglected. We want to see these spaces thrive and have developed our in-house services to help. All community spaces need a community behind them and this happens with programing and continuing education. Our services include: