Earth stewardship through project management


Think of your green space … your space is probably full of grasses and weeds, bushes and trees that are sprayed and mowed 2 dozen times a year. Imagine that instead your space is full of things that are beneficial to the land and the people that can use it. We can take marginalized land with no ecological value, land that is more toxic than you could imagine and work with you to develop it into an ecologically sound community hub where every plant has value and we are healing our land with the hands of the community. How can this be possible?

Most of these forgotten spaces have expensive maintenance contracts for continued mowing, weeding, and spraying. All of that money is going towards making the land more toxic and is wasted dollars. We work with communities, landowners and municipalities to reallocate these wasted funds to offer a new kind of service for your space. We make these forgotten spaces healthier and forge a deeper connection to space while also having the ability to create jobs for youth and marginalized people in the community.

We bring your projects to life through:

Organization and implementation of educational and community driven projects (community gardens, city projects such as parks and meadows)

Designing educational and community-driven programing to activate your community

Ongoing consultation services after initial implementation for targeted maintenance of the spaces